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It's simple! We understand that every Business is unique and has different needs. We write custom Business Plans ​which are tailored for your business and your unique needs.  


Whether your goal is to set up a new Business, or grow your existing Business and make it more competitive, our experienced team will support you in determining your strategy, making the right decisions and write a custom tailored Business Plan according to your specific needs. By focusing on value creation, we offer real solutions to our customers' real needs.

All of our business plans are bespoke; they are written just for your business. They come with market research, competitor analysis and financial projections (P&L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet & Break-Even Analysis).


Franchise Business Plans

Our team of experts is made up of highly experienced controllers and FP&A specialists, experienced in selecting and implementing various financial planning solutions.


We have a proven 5-step business planning process. It starts with a discovery call and ends with the finalized version of your business plan. 


Step 1: Interview & Discovery

​​This is a discovery phase and you meet with your dedicated plan writer to gather all the necessary information for your business plan; including historical financials, understanding your concept, business strategy, management bios and more. In this phase we also identify and refine key research questions. Your plan writer is there to understand your unique needs, your special conditions and craft your original “story”.with your dedicated plan writer to gather all the necessary information for your business plan.


Step 2: Research & Financials

In this phase of business plan writing, we research your industry, competitors, market & sector financials, target customer groups and we asses the business opportunity. We outline your strengths in the market and also effectively form your marketing plan.


With the guidance of all this research, we tell a compelling story that is supported with this research and financials. Zen Business Plans also includes 5 years of pro forma financials and projections custom created for your business.

Step 3: Draft Plan

Next, we provide a draft of your business plan. This will include the full business plan (executive summary, company analysis; customer and market analyses; industry and competitive analyses; marketing, operations, and development plans; management team; appendix). We will also deliver your complete financial model at this time. We make sure that this plan represents your vision.

Step 4: Review & Revisions

Once the draft is complete, we deliver the draft to you for your review. We review this draft with you and discuss if any further revisions and refinements are needed. If there are necessary revisions, we implement them and prepare the revised plan to ensure that the finished product is everything you want it to be.

Step 5: Package & Finalize

In this final phase, we make sure that  you receive a clean, professional document, with graphical enhancements, copy-edited, formatted, and ready to be presented to stakeholders and investors.

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  • Business Strategy Advice

  • Revenue & Business Model Review

  • Market Research Advice

  • Custom Marketing Advice

  • Custom Funding Advice

  • Business Plan Review

  • Our Business Plan Process

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